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Jim Zelinski of Zelinski Public Relations was able to successfully bring one of his organic food clients to the attention of KGO-TV business reporter David Louie and myself. His complete and compelling presentation of information and visuals about this company made us interested in doing the story and greatly facilitated its production. The final product was a thoughtful story that had great relevance for our audience.

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Jim Zelinski

  Jim Zelinski has more than two decades of experience in the communications profession. Through his experience as a public relations account executive and company president and as a journalist, he has developed an extensive network of media, government and community contacts. In 1993, for his achievements on behalf of a banking firm, he received PRSA's San Francisco Bay Area Compass Award for Overall PR Program.

Some other highlights of his work:

  • Helping to achieve media coverage of a family-owned, national gourmet coffee roaster and its advocacy for socially and environmentally responsible coffee production and consumption.

  • Planning and implementing media and marketing campaigns for California's most respected, non-partisan water-issues organization.
  • Helping coordinate media relations for California's largest workers' compensation insurer.
  • Playing a key role in a "one-of-a-kind" campaign for Glendale Federal Bank's national landmark, breach-of-contract suit against the federal government.
  • Playing a key role in achieving regional and national coverage for the largest steelmaker in the western United States.
  • Generating international coverage for a real estate company's development of steel-framed houses (which are more "environmentally friendly" than wood frames).
  • Generating national coverage for the nation's largest independent energy company for its natural gas-fired power plants and geothermal energy.
  • Enhancing public and media awareness of a brewer's national water restoration grant initiative (Coors' "Pure Water" 2000 program).
  • Making significant contributions to the media relations/public awareness programs for national health care organizations such as Bayer Corporation, Northern California Cancer Center and Kaiser Permanente.
  • Managing media relations programs for national home building companies and one of the nation's largest real estate investment trusts.

Mr. Zelinski is a member of the East Bay Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. He is active in the local community. For example, he served on the City of San Ramon's Open Space and Conservation Affairs Advisory Committee after appointment by the San Ramon City Council. Before joining Healy Partners in 1992, Mr. Zelinski was a full-time reporter at various newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area for a decade. He earned a reputation for strong reportage on myriad issues, including the government, local and statewide housing, the economy, marshland development, military toxic waste and airport expansion. He covered local and regional politics, business, education, the military and legal issues. "In addition to covering my regular beats which included local and regional government, I often did 'enterprise' follow up reports on such issues as Port of Oakland and Oakland International Airport plans, land use, endangered species, housing and the cost and benefit of dealing with urban runoff."

Zelinski in 1992 was a co-winner of a California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) award for 'Spot News' reporting about a devastating fire in Alameda, California. He also shared - with the entire staff - another CNPA award for "Investigative Reporting" for a report entitled "A City Divided."